The highlights of my summer ….

The Innovative Course-building Group continues to be one of the most fulfilling experiences of my professional career.  This group provides me with invaluable support and feedback as I navigate new and effective ways to teach.  This summer we held our first-ever Summer Institute, which was a smashing success.  We had over 60 people in attendance, ranging from administrators to high school teachers to college professors.  One of the most notable sessions for me was a workshop facilitated by Justin Dubas and Santiago Toledo from Texas Lutheran University.  This workshop provided some unique insights about how to frame student feedback in a way that is more meaningful to students than a point system – specifically using the levels of Marzano’s Taxonomy.  More on their session can be found here.

In July I went to Spain.  This trip was purely vacation – a reunion of sorts.  Ten years ago my good friends Chrissy and Victor were married outside of Barcelona.  A group of us were lucky enough to visit them again 10 years later.  Since the wedding, they’ve adopted two beautiful kids from Ethiopia.  During our two weeks in Spain, we visited Calella de Palafrugell in Costa Brava.  Victor took a couple of us running on the trails that hug the shoreline – a beautiful experience.

… and shortly I will be travelling to Santa Clara to participate in the 2012 SENCER Summer Institute.  These conferences are always inspiring.  This year, our original posse will be reconvening:  Karynne Kleine, Amy Kelly and myself.  We are the group that started the IC-bG ball rolling.  It will be great to catch up with Amy again, since she left  Georgia College last year.

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