“The effect of antibiotics in agriculture waste-streams along the Oconee River basin
Dona Nguyen, Samuel Mutiti, Julia K. Padden Metzker

 “Computational Investigations of a Structural and Functional Model of Quercetin 2,3-Dioxygenase”
Morgan Ownbey, Candace Rowell, Jeffrey Ivie, Will E. Lynch, Julia K. Padden Metzker

“Computational Studies of Substituent Effects of Flavonoids”
Katie Smith, Emily M. Williams, Julia K. Padden Metzker, Chavonda Mills

“Nutrient and Heavy Metal Testing of Soils in Middle Georgia
Sierra Miller, Amanda Mason, Matthew Manning, Leah Corley, Julia K. Metzker

Recommendation on the Environmental Risk Associated with a Coal FGD Residue Waste Storage Facility”
Robert E. Deimler, Julia K. Padden Metzker

Molecular Modeling in the Chemistry Curriculum
Leslie Dill, Julia K. Padden Metzker

Green Projects for the First-Year Chemistry Laboratory
Anna Focks, Julia K. Padden Metzker

Effective Catalysts for Biodiesel Production
Andy Warren, Julia K. Padden Metzker

Computational Investigations of Substitution Effects
Jennifer Proffitt, Julia K. Padden Metzker