Executive Summary

  • Start with a very brief to the point description of plan focus and strategy linked to mission.
  • Highlight the potential impact and the inclusive process early on
  • Clearly articulate goals and expected outcomes
  • Provide a brief overview of the strategy for achieving outcomes
  • Highlight timeline


  • Provide institutional context.
    • Liberal arts
    • Strong volunteerism
    • need for more intentional assessment of impact on student learning
    • learning beyond the classroom
  • Describe mission revision – focus on engaged citizenship . . .
  • Pull pieces from QEP 101
  • Bring in strategic plan and findings from QEP task force reports.


  • Include table that shows how learners and builders will progress

Appearance & style

    • Plain language that avoids jargon
    • Bold colors consistently applied throughout the document
    • Simple graphics that illustrate meaning


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