Thank you for your participation today.  I very much enjoyed our conversation.  I have written my recollection about our focus group below.  I invite you to add your thoughts or suggestions as comments below.

We started with a quick overview of the project.  The presentation is viewable at and you should have a copy of the proposal.  We then generated a list of concepts, skills and dispositions in response to the following questions:

  • What do you expect students to know and do when they matriculate into your upper level courses?
  • What do you expect students to know and do after they complete the general chemistry sequence?
I’ve included pictures of the lists below:
followed by a discussion addressing this question:
  • How would you know that they have achieved these goals?
This discussion lead to some suggestions for Freshman Seminar:
We finished with a lively discussion about this question:
  • Do the goals depend on student major (or pathway through courses)?

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