In no particular order, these are things that need to go into the QEP.  I will add to this as I think of things, so as not to forget when writing …

  • Apprentice workshop application and review rubric, in development – Julia Metzker
  • Journeyman Minigrant application and proposal review rubric, in development – Ryan Brown
  • Master and Union level RFP and proposal review rubric, in revision – Cynthia Orms
  • Timeline for implementation, in development – I&B, contact Tom Miles
  • Budget, in development – Susan Allen & Jen Russell
  • Organizational Chart, in revision – Susan Allen & Jen Russell
  • Student assessment rubrics aligned to learning outcomes, in development – Julia Metzker
  • Indirect measure survey, in development – Steven Jones
  • Literature review, in revision – Steven Jones
  • History & context for topic selection, in revision – Jason Huffman/Steven Jones
  • Project Tier description, in revision – Julia Metzker
  • Assessment plan, in development – PDA, contact Cara Meade/Julia Metzker
  • Implementation plan, in development – I&B, contact Tom Miles
  • Data collection and review plan, in development – Julia Metzker/James Carlisle
  • SAS training plan, complete – Ryan Brown
  • Portfolio proposal/resources, in development – James Carlisle/Julia Metzker
  • Master/Union:  submit professional proposal and initial curriculum map (outcome map), in development – Julia Metzker
  • Course/co-curricular experience review and approval rubric (and procedures), in development – Steve Jones
  • Menu of potential workshops (curriculum mapping, rubric development, data review, best practices in community-based learning, building community partnership)
  • Professional development plan, in development – Julia Metzker
  • Mentor team, in development – Julia Metzker
    • Mentor develop the workshop series over summer with stipends.
  • Direct measures, in development – PDA
  • Indirect measures, in development – PDA
  • Output measures, in development – PDA

The outline for the document is in development, currently at workflowy.

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